The Cambridge Lash Company

Hi, we are Lucy and Katie

We set up the Cambridge Lash Company after seeing a gap in the market for professional training and a lash product made by lash techs FOR lash techs.

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After finding our perfect supplier we worked with them to design our lashes to the highest quality with ease of use.

Not only have we developed lashes that are easy to fan, the darkest black but also the curliest lash on the market. We were the first company to launch these. Drop us an e mail if you would like a free sample of our DDs.

As the years have gone on we have even made our eyelash glue strip so unique it makes lashing easier for you; easy removal, easy fanning and easy application.

We wanted to open a training academy that didn’t just teach eyelash extensions but also how to set up your own lash business with us behind you every step of the way.

We believe as a lash brand we deliver a personal touch and stay in contact with all students and you lash artists who continue to buy from us.

We strive to always develop our brand as well as bringing you the best products and training on the market.

Lots of love